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Beginner Tips - Keep it simple

The most challenging thing as a beginner fisherman for me was absorbing the abundance of information I received from people and online resources. What kept me sane in my first year of fishing was this simple concept - keep it simple.

Instead of changing hook sizes frequently, using different hook types, collecting dozens of different colors of lures, and learning several different knots, I limited myself to a handful of techniques to start out.

For starters, learn the palomar knot. It will cover most situations and is extremely dependable, not to mention it is easy to tie. Once you master that, work on the improved clinch knot.

As far as hook sizes go, stick to #6 for trout and small fish, #1 for bigger sunfish and small bass, and 2/0 for larger bass. I usually use 2/0 when wacky rigging, but #1 when drop shotting. One thing to note is that different manufacturers sometimes vary in their hook size numbering, especially if you are buying off of Amazon.

When it comes to mono vs fluoro vs braid, keep it simple - stick to mono unless you really need something strong. Once you master techniques, you can switch it up. A simple setup with 8 or 10lb mono will go a long way. When you get the urge to try out braid, go with a 20lb low-vis green. It will cover most situations, and you can get away with not using a leader as you learn different techniques.

The most important advice any angler can give a fishing newbie is experience is everything. The more time you spend on the water, the more you will learn. Keep a log or a journal of some kind to keep track of what worked, what didn't, and you will be a better fisherman for it.


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