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About Bearded Fish

Bearded Fish is a fishing lifestyle brand created by Andrew Augusto focused on simplifying fishing and making the activity more accessible to newcomers. Nobody is perfect but we try to make life a little easier to minimize frustration and give you a more enjoyable time outdoors!

About Tacklebox

This started off as a little project to help my ADHD. I was struggling to remember to put all the groceries on the shopping list that I needed for the week, or having a hard time deciding which lure and lure color to fish with that day. What this turned into is an extension of my mentality where tasks that can be automated to simplify a person's life can and should be.

I have been a web developer for 10+ years working with different frameworks, methodologies, and tools, including but not limited to Java, PHP, React, Vue, Node, Git, CICD, and Typescript. I am fond of and very much enjoy working with Javascript frameworks and generally in the web development space, as the instant gratification of seeing your code update after a web page refresh never gets old.

I am also an avid fisherman, a family man, and a gamer. I love to relax, have fun, and generally make things easier for everyone around me as much as I can. Whether that takes the form of me taking on additional responsibilities, lending an ear to someone who just needs a person to listen to them, or writing some code to enable someone to do their job more efficiently, I am there.

Keep doing you.

- Andrew Augusto

Selfie of myself, Andrew Augusto, fishing on a rainy day in fishing waders